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This website is managed by the Accountability Section of the Hawaii Department of Education (HIDOE) Office of Strategy, Innovation and Performance's Assessment and Accountability Branch. The Accountability Section provides services that include:

  • Developing and implementing initiative related to school accountability,
  • Conducting research and development work on educational indicators and analyses, and
  • Preparing reports of school performance and improvement efforts.

Reports published by the Accountability Section provide data and a quantifiable perspective on how schools are progressing. The reports keep the general public informed while providing school principals, DOE personnel and lawmakers with the information they need to help schools improve.

The majority of reports produced by the Accountability Section are mandated by the state legislature. Reports such as the School Status and Improvement Report (SSIR), School Quality Survey (SQS), and Trend Report provide data regarding the performance of schools on a variety of indicators. For example, the SSIR provides data on school setting, school improvement, teacher and staff, school facilities, student conduct, and graduation/retention rates. In addition to the reports mandated by the state legislature, the Accountability Section prepares individual school and overall state accountability reports required by the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). ESEA is currently authorized as the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act from which Hawaii was granted flexibility in its re-design, resulting in the implementation of its Strive HI Performance System in May 2013. ESEA reports, for both NCLB and Strive HI, focus on school accountability measures with Strive HI augmenting initial NCLB measures by introducing science proficiency, student growth, student readiness, and achievement gaps. In addition, student graduation/retention rates and teacher qualifications are reported. This website is a means for disseminating reports relating to accountability for HIDOE schools.

For more information about the Accountability Section, please contact us.

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