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HSSRA (2007 - 2014)
The school, complex areas, and State reports provide information on kindergarten children's readiness to succeed in school and on the schools' readiness to support their learning.

NCLB (2003 - 2012)
State and individual school reports include Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) results, NCLB sanction status, student performance results on statewide assessments, graduation and retention rates, and teacher qualification information.

Hawaii Public Education Poll
The purpose of the Hawaii Public Education Poll was to better understand and act upon Hawaii residents' perceptions and feelings towards public schools and educational issues in Hawaii. Survey was conducted in Spring 2008.

Senior Exit Plans Survey
The Senior Exit Plans Survey asked public high school seniors about what they plan to do after graduation. Last report year: 2008.

Hawaii Growth Model Proposal (2006, obsolete)
An NCLB Growth Model proposal submitted by the Hawaii State Department of Education to USDOE on February 17, 2006.

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