Hawaii State School Readiness Assessment
Questions & Answers

Get answers to common questions about the instrument and assessment results through the Questions & Answers Guide.

Principal's and Kindergarten Teacher's Guides to HSSRA

Read the HSSRA Guides prior to completing the assessments. The Guides describe how to validly complete the assessments and give suggestions about how to use the results.

Hawaii State School Readiness Assessment

The school, complex areas, and State reports provide information on kindergarten children's readiness to succeed in school and on the schools' readiness to support their learning.

The assessment instruments were developed by the School Readiness Task Force, in partnership with the Department of Education, Kamehameha Schools and Good Beginnings Alliance.

School results, especially those of Title I schools, will be useful for school improvement plans and for school transition plans for entering kindergartners.

The results of the assessment are published in reports for the state, complexes, and schools. Reports include the following:

  • Summary of Schools' Early Education Profile
    Offers background information on elementary schools and the school's early childhood policies and practices.
  • Summary of Kindergarten Class Profile
    Shows the proportion of entering kindergarten children who consistently display key characteristics and skills considered important to successful early learning experiences.
  • Benchmark
    Shows how many kindergarten classes consistently display key skills and characteristics and how many schools have well established early childhood policies and procedures.

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