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These documents can be used as supporting material when administering the survey.

School Quality Survey

The School Quality Survey (SQS) is a DOE-administered survey that asks teachers, students, parents, administrative office staff, and instructional support staff for their opinions of school quality. Schools may find survey results useful when developing self-reports for accreditation and standards implementation.

The SQS is administered to all DOE regular public schools and to Public Charter Schools that request to participate.

Current report: School Year 2013-2014
Last update: October 27, 2014

The 2013 and 2014 SQS reports should not be compared to the reports of previous years due to changes in the survey scale categories. Elementary school reports were not affected.

Important Note: The 2014 SQS reports have been revised and re-posted on October 27, 2014. Please discard any 2014 reports that may have been previously downloaded (if applicable) and use the updated version to ensure data accuracy.

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