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School Status & Improvement Report
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The Superintendent's Annual Report complements the SSIR by providing an overall analysis of the schools' collective performance. Together, individual school reports and the Superintendent's Annual Report describe our schools to help us judge them against our State and national standards for school and school system performance.

School Status & Improvement Report

One of several major accountability reports produced annually by the DOE, the School Status & Improvement Report (SSIR) addresses standard-based education reporting requirements in 302A-1004, Hawaii Revised Statutes.

The DOE prepares an individual SSIR for each school. Each school report contains a description of the school and its setting, a summary of school improvement progress, available resources, and vital signs on school performance.

Current report: School Year 2017-2018
Last update: November 28, 2018

All individual school reports contain the following:

  • School Setting - Describes the student population and the school community.
  • School Improvement - Summarizes progress made in accomplishing school improvement goals.
  • School Resources - Includes teacher credentials, staffing levels as well as the adequacy of school facilities.
  • Vital Signs - Includes School Quality Survey (SQS) results, student conduct, test results, dropouts, and graduation/retention rates.

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