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School Status & Improvement Report complements The HIDOE Data Book by providing insight on how individual schools are performing. Together, individual school reports and the HIDOE Data Book describe our schools to help us judge them against our state and national standards for school and school system performance.

HIDOE Data Book
on Hawaii Public Education

This annual report highlights information on school performance and improvement in Hawaii's public schools. The report profiles academic events, trends, and outcomes at two organizational levels: state and complex.

Featured are tables and figures related to demographic, financial, and educational performance. Also, comparisons to other states with relevant characteristics similar to Hawaii are provided to illustrate our state's relative progress or status on specific indicators.

2018 HIDOE Data Book - Selected Highlights

The Superintendent's Annual Report includes a Data Insights section, an At-A-Glance section for busy readers and appendices that feature a glossary, references and instructions for online access to other data tables.

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