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School Year 1998-1999

Published August 2000

10th Annual Report - Selected Highlights


The report for school year 1998-99 covers public education in kindergarten through 12th grade, including data from all 251 public schools in the seven administrative districts in Hawaii.


Enrollment growth has declined sharply in the last three years. Overall enrollment actually declined by 1% in 1998-99. Enrollment continues to increase, however, in the Leeward District on Oahu.

Special Needs

The numbers and proportions of students in need of special services are increasing rapidly, despite the reduced growth of the population of students at large.

Pupil to Teacher Ratio

In 1987-88, Hawaii ranked 48th among the states in pupil-to-teacher ratio. Through concerted effort, by 1992-93 the state had lowered its pupil-to-teacher ratio enough to tie for 35th. Fiscal constraints that began in 1994-95 have halted the state's progress on this indicator.

State/District Bureaucracy

Hawaii is well below the national average and below all of its comparable states in the proportion of its professional staff whose functions are administrative.

School Size

The state's secondary and elementary schools are well over the national average in size, at 178% and 130% of the national averages respectively.

Stanford Achievement Test

Hawaii's students overall performed better on the open-ended assessment of reading proficiency of the Stanford Achievement Test than on the multiple-choice, with the 3rd and 5th grade scores at or above the national norms.

Dropout Rates

Dropout rates for students in grades 9-12 average about 4.7% per year.

Student Discipline

The incidence rates for disciplinary suspensions in all four Chapter 19 classifications have decreased since 1996-97. When categorized by type of incident, only property offenses increased, and those only slightly.

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