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School Year 2004-2005

Published March 2006

16th Annual Report - Selected Highlights


Since the public schools enrollment peaked in 1997-98, the total number of students has steadily declined. This trend parallels an overall drop in the State's population demographics for school-age children.

Special Needs

Student populations with special needs have grown rapidly over the last decade. For a number of years now, these students have constituted a majority of those enrolled in Hawaii public schools. They do so again in 2005 with 52% having special needs. The challenge and cost of educating special needs students have become state and national issues.

Hawaii State Assessment

Since 2002, students statewide improved their standard-based scores in both reading and mathematics. The State's national norm-reference scores have also improved, though not as markedly, with students performing slightly above the national average in mathematics and slightly below in reading.

Graduation and Dropouts

Each year a cohort of first time 9th graders are tracked to their 4th (senior) year in the public school system. Over the last 3 years, about 80% of each cohort has graduated on-time. Between 14% and 15% of the students dropped out of school during the 4-year period. The remainder are either continuing or have completed school with a special education certificate of program completion.

Senior Exit Plans

In 2005, over three-quarters of our high school seniors reported they planned to pursue both post-secondary education and work, a substantial increase from prior years. The percentage who plan to work only has remained steady, but the percentage of seniors who plan to attend school only has declined dramatically since 2003.

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