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School Year 2012-2013

Published June 2014

Revised August 2014

24th Superintendent's Annual Report - Selected Highlights


The number of public school students enrolled in school year 2012-13 was 183,251.  This was an increase of 2,038 students from the previous school year.

Special Needs Students

Students with special needs such as being economically disadvantaged, having a disability (504 or special education eligible), being an English Language Learner, and those students constituting a combination of one or more of these categories continue to represent the majority (59%) of students enrolled in Hawaii’s public schools.

Teacher Characteristics

The percentage of teachers with advanced degrees (36%) and those fully licensed teachers (97%) have increased steadily for the past six years.

Graduation and Dropouts

The graduation and dropout percentages in 2013 were based on the Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate methodology.  This method includes incoming transfer students into the graduating cohort calculations.  The graduation rate of 82.0% in school year 2012-13 shows a slight decrease of .2% compared to the previous school year.  The dropout rate of 15% in school year 2012-13 decreased slightly from 2011-12 when it was 15.8%.

High School

The percentage of students earning a Regular High School Diploma (80.4%) increased over the previous year while those earning the more rigorous Board of Education (BOE) Diploma (15.4%) in 2012-13 decreased. 

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